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If you love Spring Watch but want to make a real difference yourself…

We are particularly keen to recruit new working members who are interested in days out in the Cheshire countryside in good company.

Help us to make and erect nest boxes, as well as clean and repair them.
Join the ringing teams and meet the owls eye to eye!

Anyone who can help us with administration work would also be very welcome. Please contact us via the contact page.

We are a group of local volunteers dedicated to the conservation of the area's Barn Owls. Our aim is to increase the number of Barn Owls in West Cheshire.

If you know of Barn Owls in your area you can contact us via this web site, you can report sightings, request nest boxes and report any threats to existing nest sites. Go directly to the contact page if you want us to help

On this web site you will find a wealth of information about the Barn Owl, an opportunity to read our Cheshire Barn Owl Report 2017, and most importantly, how you can join us or help us.

If you'd like to see photos of barn owls in West Cheshire, visit our gallery, which will is updated regularly. There are videos of our work - which can be viewed here.

We also have a link to our webcam at Meadow Bank Farm where we have three nest boxes all fitted with video cameras. You may be able to watch the owls' activities particularly between April and July. Note that the owls nested here last year but may not use the boxes every year.

Area covered
This map shows the area covered by the Broxton Barn Owl Group in Cheshire.